The Tale of Two Brothers

This is a true life story. Two boys, ages 5 and 14, were molested several times by their neighbour every time he realized they were home alone.

Boy of age 5: Every Sunday, Uncle Chinedu would send me on an errand and when I delivered the message, he would ask me to lie down on his bed. When I do, I would feel a substance being rubbed in my buttocks, before he penetrated me. He would then rub my head and tell me to be a good boy. I told my mum countless times, but she beat and shut me up always.

Boy, age 14: It started one Sunday when Uncle Chinedu, whose room was right across ours, asked my younger brother to run an errand for him and asked me to come to his room. I did. He asked me to kneel down and bend forward. I did. He asked me to undress, I did. He put Vaseline on my buttocks and forced his way in. It was painful the first time. I was 13 years old then. Now I am 14 and this has become a weekly activity, which normalised it. I felt alone in my world with no one to share this with.

Who would I have told? Who would have believed me? My younger brother who was brave enough was shut down. Why will I be any different?

“STER took them for testing, where it was discovered that the younger brother had sexually transmitted diseases. Both boys were offered psycho-social support, but despite the many attempts to take legal actions against the alleged rapists, the parents submitted to the will of their religious leader to ‘leave it to God’, which they obliged”.


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