The Campus Fellowship Director

Daniel Olabintan was the first person to welcome my timid self to our university fellowship. The Threshold, it was called. I was sitting alone in a corner of the small meeting space, with eyes fixed on my phone screen, busy forming activity. That’s when he walked up to me with a toothy grin, stretched out his hand and embraced mine in a warm handshake. He introduced himself as the group’s choir director, and a dashing choir director he was.

Three months passed by. My fellowship buddy offered to escort me to my dorm room after what was a late fellowship meeting. It ended at 9.45 pm to be precise, and campus grounds were notorious for cult activities. So saying yes was almost automatic. And by this time, I trusted him well enough with my wellbeing. No iota of fear or concern crossed my mind as I accepted his invitation.

Some minutes into the walk, when we got to a long-winded path covered by trees, I felt his form lean towards mine. He gently held my face and turned it towards his, moving in for a kiss.

“Daniel? What are you doing?” I softly nudged him away and tried to walk ahead of him.

Immediately, he firmly gripped my wrist and pulled me back. “What do you mean what am I doing? I see the way you look at me in our meetings.” He tried his luck again, with a lot more force than before.

We found ourselves in a scuffle shortly after, as I struggled to free myself from him.

“Small girl, you don’t know who you’re playing with here, ” he chuckled before pushing me to the hard ground.

That’s when the monster raped me. His palm absorbed my blood-curling screams; his shirt sleeve my burning tears. The dark unfriendly sky held my gaze as I held in pain from the ordeal.

When Daniel was done, he abandoned my curled up frame with disgust, as if in disappointment. That wasn’t before warning me of the shame that would come my way if I shared my story. For one thing, I wasn’t a virgin, a fact known by most on campus. He, on the other hand, was the revered choir director of the biggest Christian fellowship. It would be his word against mine. Those words stuck with me for the rest of the year as I struggled in silence to complete my studies.

Today, I’m a happily married woman with three beautiful children. My daughter is getting set to begin her university studies, and I find myself dreading the thought of Daniels coming her way. I have never shared this story with anyone, even my husband, but I’m thankful for the newfound courage to do so.

I urge all young women who have ever been in my shoes to stand up against the monsters of their past. Evil thrives in darkness, so please speak up and let your voice be heard against the menace called Rape.


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