I started to live with my uncle and his family after my parents died. I loved it there, my cousins Nkechi and Chike were already like siblings to me and their mother aunty Nkem is a nice woman even though she could be very stern. Uncle Ndubisi was my favourite uncle growing up. He will always got us snacks from Mr Biggs when visiting us. Having to live with my uncle after the death of parents wasn’t a bad idea. I was sure I was going to be happy there.

Everything started going well till last Summer holiday when he sent aunty Nkem, Nkechi and Chike to London for vacation. He told me somebody needed to stay at home to take care of aunty Nkem’s poultry.
I was quite upset but aunty Nkem promised to get me a lot of things from there journey.
One night, I was lying down in my room when Uncle Ndubisi. He didn’t say anything to me. I asked him what was wrong but he didn’t answer me. I was confused and didn’t expect what happened next. He forced himself on me and after he was done sat beside as I was sobbing. He apologized and told me it will not happen again.

It did happen again and continued throughout the period my aunty and cousins were away. He will tell me it is service charge. “Keeping you in this house is not cheap at all, I have to feed you, cloth you and send you to school” he will say before leaving the room.


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