“You are a product of rape just as I am and you will be just fine”, those were Susan’s mother’s last words to her when she left her in front of the hospital.
Susan was a 13 year old girl who lived with her father. Her parents were separated and has been living alone with her father for the past 4 years. One day, after Susan and her father got back from a shop, her father called her. The conversation went like this
Her father: Susan, do you know I love you?
Susan: Yes daddy.
Her father: Do you love me?
Susan: Ofcourse daddy.
Her father: Can you show me your love me?
Susan: But I show you everyday.
Her father: I want you to do something more.
Susan: How do you want me to show it dad?
He reached for her clothes and tried undressing her. She protested and told him that’s for two adults to do.
This time he grabbed her and forced himself on her. When he was done he told her he loved her and she must not tell anyone about what’s happening.
This continued severally. Susan couldn’t talk to anyone about this. She was waiting for her mom’s next visit which was fortnightly.
One the day her mom came, her dad was not at home. Susan told her mother everything. Her mother took her to a hospital for HIV testing. The result came out positive.
She cried and her mother parted her gently. After she had been counselled and was about leaving the hospital, her mom called her and said “Susan, I am going to be getting married soon. I have talked about you with my fiancé and he doesn’t want you to move in with us. I am so sorry but you have to stay with your dad. I can imagine what you feel, he did it to me also.”

NOTE: This case occurred in Abuja and a non-governmental organisation, which we partnered with took up the case, with the Executive Director adopting her. She currently is in school and lives with her.


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