It was a Thursday, the last day in 2015. A close friend of mine offered to take me to church so we could attend the crossover service together. On our way back home, we decided to stop at a lounge nearby. At the lounge, we met two other friends. We relaxed, had drinks and chatted. We left the lounge and my friend said he was too tired to drive me home. He asked me to spend the night at his place.

I was fine by this since he had two other friends (a male and a female) sleeping over. I slept in the living room. At about 12:53pm, I woke up. I was totally naked. Upon questioning him, he told me that I urinated on myself and he took of my jean to wash. Meanwhile, my pants where right on the floor and were neither wet nor had urine odour.

Immediately, I went to a lab and spermatozoa was found in my system. I confronted him and he claimed we had consensual sex. It was not consensual and I could not remember anything that happened after I slept off that day.

He called me after some days to apologize. He said he wants everything to die down. How could he think he could sweep it all away like that? The anger does not just go away. To see his tweet on Twitter everyday kills me, but what can I do? I have to wait for the LAW to defend me.

“The case was reported to Ajah Poilice Station and STER submitted a petition to the Inspector General of Police requesting for the arrest of the rapist”.


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