About #BehindTheSmile

1 in every 5 women will experience sexual violence at some point throughout their lifetime.

Everyday millions of Nigerian women go about their daily activities with smiles on their faces, masking the reality of their true feelings.

The Behind the Smile project seeks to present the reality of the suffering of rape survivors in its truest form. It also aims to help survivors face their fears, come out and tell their stories.

Survivors Stories

The Campus Fellowship Director

Daniel Olabintan was the first person to welcome my timid self to our university fellowship. The Threshold, it was called. I was sitting alone in a corner of the mall meeting space, with eyes…

– Author: Annonymous

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The Tale of Two Brothers

This is a true life story. Two boys, ages 5 and 14, were
molested several times by their neighbour every time he realized they were home alone.

– Author: Annonymous

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